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type Asset {
architectureType: String
assetType: String
assetsTagList: [String!]
audience: String
businessImpact: BusinessImpactLevel
company: Company!
convisoResponsible: Boolean!
createdAt: ISO8601DateTime!
criticity: String
dataClassification: [DataClassification!]!
description: String
page: Int
perPage: Int
): DeveloperTypeCollection
developmentModel: String
developmentTeam: String
environment: String
exploitability: Exploitability
id: ID!
integrationDetails: IntegrationDetailsCollection
integrations: [String!]
lifeCycle: String
name: String
pendingVulnerabilitiesStats: [IssueSeverityStat!]!
includeAst: Boolean
): [Project!]
riskScore: AssetRiskScoreHistories
scanType: String
page: Int
perPage: Int
): ScanHistoryCollection!
teams: [Team!]
technologies: [String!]!
threat: ThreatLevel
updatedAt: ISO8601DateTime!
url: String
users: [UserType!]
vulnerabilities: VulnerabilitiesDetail


Asset.architectureType ● String scalar

Asset.assetType ● String scalar

Asset.assetsTagList ● [String!] list scalar

Asset.audience ● String scalar

Asset.businessImpact ● BusinessImpactLevel enum ● Company! non-null object

Asset.convisoResponsible ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Asset.createdAt ● ISO8601DateTime! non-null scalar

Asset.criticity ● String scalar

Asset.dataClassification ● [DataClassification!]! non-null enum

Asset.description ● String scalar

Asset.developers ● DeveloperTypeCollection object ● Int scalar
Asset.developers.perPage ● Int scalar

Asset.developmentModel ● String scalar

Asset.developmentTeam ● String scalar

Asset.environment ● String scalar

Asset.exploitability ● Exploitability enum ● ID! non-null scalar

Asset.integrationDetails ● IntegrationDetailsCollection object

Asset.integrations ● [String!] list scalar

Asset.lifeCycle ● String scalar ● String scalar

Asset.pendingVulnerabilitiesStats ● [IssueSeverityStat!]! non-null object

Asset.projects ● [Project!] list object

Asset.projects.includeAst ● Boolean scalar

Asset.riskScore ● AssetRiskScoreHistories object

Asset.scanType ● String scalar

Asset.scannersExecutionHistories ● ScanHistoryCollection! non-null object ● Int scalar
Asset.scannersExecutionHistories.perPage ● Int scalar

Asset.teams ● [Team!] list object

Asset.technologies ● [String!]! non-null scalar

Asset.threat ● ThreatLevel enum

Asset.updatedAt ● ISO8601DateTime! non-null scalar

Asset.url ● String scalar

Asset.users ● [UserType!] list object

Asset.vulnerabilities ● VulnerabilitiesDetail object

Returned by

asset query

Member Of

AssetCollection object ● AssociateProjectData object ● Contact object ● CreateAssetPayload object ● DastFinding object ● DefectTrackerConfiguration object ● FindingInterface interface ● ImportedScan object ● Integration object ● IntegrationExternalProject object ● IssueInterface interface ● IssuesAggregation object ● NetworkVulnerability object ● Project object ● SastFinding object ● ScaFinding object ● ScanHistory object ● SourceCodeVulnerability object ● UpdateAssetPayload object ● VulnerabilityInterface interface ● WebVulnerability object