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type ChatMessage {
archives: [ChatArchive!]
chat: Chat!
content: String!
createdAt: ISO8601DateTime!
deletedAt: ISO8601DateTime
id: ID!
portalUser: PortalUser!
updatedAt: ISO8601DateTime!


ChatMessage.archives ● [ChatArchive!] list object ● Chat! non-null object

ChatMessage.content ● String! non-null scalar

ChatMessage.createdAt ● ISO8601DateTime! non-null scalar

ChatMessage.deletedAt ● ISO8601DateTime scalar ● ID! non-null scalar

ChatMessage.portalUser ● PortalUser! non-null object

ChatMessage.updatedAt ● ISO8601DateTime! non-null scalar

Member Of

ChatMessageConnection object ● ChatMessageEdge object ● CreateChatMessagePayload object ● ReadedChatMessage object