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type Chat {
createdAt: ISO8601DateTime!
deletedAt: ISO8601DateTime
hasUnreadMessages: Boolean!
id: ID!
issue: IssueInterface
lastMessageAt: ISO8601DateTime!
after: String
before: String
first: Int
last: Int
): ChatMessageConnection
openConversation: Boolean!
portalUser: PortalUser!
project: Project
scope: Company!
unreadMessages: Int!
updatedAt: ISO8601DateTime!
vulnerability: Vulnerability


Chat.createdAt ● ISO8601DateTime! non-null scalar

Chat.deletedAt ● ISO8601DateTime scalar

Chat.hasUnreadMessages ● Boolean! non-null scalar ● ID! non-null scalar

Chat.issue ● IssueInterface interface

Chat.lastMessageAt ● ISO8601DateTime! non-null scalar

Chat.messages ● ChatMessageConnection object

Chat.messages.after ● String scalar

Returns the elements in the list that come after the specified cursor.

Chat.messages.before ● String scalar

Returns the elements in the list that come before the specified cursor.

Chat.messages.first ● Int scalar

Returns the first n elements from the list.

Chat.messages.last ● Int scalar

Returns the last n elements from the list.

Chat.openConversation ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Chat.portalUser ● PortalUser! non-null object

Chat.project ● Project object

Chat.scope ● Company! non-null object

Chat.unreadMessages ● Int! non-null scalar

Chat.updatedAt ● ISO8601DateTime! non-null scalar

Chat.vulnerability ● Vulnerability object

Member Of

ChatConnection object ● ChatEdge object ● ChatMessage object ● CreateChatMessagePayload object ● ReadedChatMessage object