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type Company {
active: Int
address: String
bountyCritical: Int
bountyHigh: Int
bountyLow: Int
bountyMedium: Int
brandContentType: String
brandFilename: String
brandId: String
brandSize: String
brandUrl: String
cnpj: String
companyPlan: CompanyPlan!
contactEmail: String
contactName: String
contractedTime: Int
createdAt: ISO8601DateTime!
customFeatures: [String!]
description: String
estimatedLinesConsumed: Int
expirationAt: ISO8601DateTime
headquarterId: [Int!]
id: ID!
integrations: [String!]!
label: String!
notifyOpenVulns: Boolean
notifyOpenVulnsCritical: Int
notifyOpenVulnsHigh: Int
notifyOpenVulnsLow: Int
notifyOpenVulnsMedium: Int
sendEmailNotification: Boolean
sid: String!
tags: [String!]
titleColor: String
updatedAt: ISO8601DateTime!
visibleDeploysReview: Boolean

Fields ● Int scalar

Company.address ● String scalar

Company.bountyCritical ● Int scalar

Company.bountyHigh ● Int scalar

Company.bountyLow ● Int scalar

Company.bountyMedium ● Int scalar

Company.brandContentType ● String scalar

Company.brandFilename ● String scalar

Company.brandId ● String scalar

Company.brandSize ● String scalar

Company.brandUrl ● String scalar

Company.cnpj ● String scalar

Company.companyPlan ● CompanyPlan! non-null object

Company.contactEmail ● String scalar

Company.contactName ● String scalar

Company.contractedTime ● Int scalar

Company.createdAt ● ISO8601DateTime! non-null scalar

Company.customFeatures ● [String!] list scalar

Company.description ● String scalar

Company.estimatedLinesConsumed ● Int scalar

Company.expirationAt ● ISO8601DateTime scalar

Company.headquarterId ● [Int!] list scalar ● ID! non-null scalar

Company.integrations ● [String!]! non-null scalar

Company.label ● String! non-null scalar

Company.notifyOpenVulns ● Boolean scalar

Company.notifyOpenVulnsCritical ● Int scalar

Company.notifyOpenVulnsHigh ● Int scalar

Company.notifyOpenVulnsLow ● Int scalar

Company.notifyOpenVulnsMedium ● Int scalar

Company.sendEmailNotification ● Boolean scalar

Company.sid ● String! non-null scalar

Company.tags ● [String!] list scalar

Company.titleColor ● String scalar

Company.updatedAt ● ISO8601DateTime! non-null scalar

Company.visibleDeploysReview ● Boolean scalar

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company query

Member Of

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