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type ContractService {
contract: Contract!
contractId: ID! @deprecated
createdAt: ISO8601DateTime!
durationDays: Int
id: ID!
licenceAmount: Int
licenceAmountType: String
serviceKindId: ID!
serviceKindLabel: String
updatedAt: ISO8601DateTime!


ContractService.contract ● Contract! non-null object

ContractService.contractId ● ID! deprecated non-null scalar


this field is deprecated and will be removed soon, it's highly recommended to use the field 'contract' to get the information that you need

ContractService.createdAt ● ISO8601DateTime! non-null scalar

ContractService.durationDays ● Int scalar ● ID! non-null scalar

ContractService.licenceAmount ● Int scalar

ContractService.licenceAmountType ● String scalar

ContractService.serviceKindId ● ID! non-null scalar

ContractService.serviceKindLabel ● String scalar

ContractService.updatedAt ● ISO8601DateTime! non-null scalar

Member Of

Contract object