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type EducationLabExercise {
difficulty: String!
duration: Int
framework: String
id: Int
labType: String
lastUpdate: String
result: Int
score: Int!
status: String
subtitle: String
technology: String
title: String!
uuid: String


EducationLabExercise.difficulty ● String! non-null scalar

EducationLabExercise.duration ● Int scalar

EducationLabExercise.framework ● String scalar ● Int scalar

EducationLabExercise.labType ● String scalar

EducationLabExercise.lastUpdate ● String scalar

EducationLabExercise.result ● Int scalar

EducationLabExercise.score ● Int! non-null scalar

EducationLabExercise.status ● String scalar

EducationLabExercise.subtitle ● String scalar ● String scalar

EducationLabExercise.title ● String! non-null scalar

EducationLabExercise.uuid ● String scalar

Member Of

EducationLabExerciseCollection object ● EducationLabExerciseRunning object