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type Finding {
affectedIp: String
affectedLineNumbers: [Int!]
affectedSourceFile: String
applicationId: Int
applicationName: String
assetTags: [String!]
businessSeverity: String
category: String
commitReference: String
component: String
createdAt: ISO8601DateTime!
cves: [String!]
descriptionEn: String
evaluationStatus: String
flowDeployId: String
flowProjectId: String
hashIssue: String
id: ID
integrationName: String
originalSeverity: String
rawOutputFromScanner: String
recommendationsEn: String
references: [String!]
scanId: Int
scanType: String
shortCommitRef: String
source: String
sourceFile: String
tags: [String!]
technicalSeverity: String
titleEn: String
version: String


Finding.affectedIp ● String scalar

Finding.affectedLineNumbers ● [Int!] list scalar

Finding.affectedSourceFile ● String scalar

Finding.applicationId ● Int scalar

Finding.applicationName ● String scalar

Finding.assetTags ● [String!] list scalar

Finding.businessSeverity ● String scalar

Finding.category ● String scalar

Finding.commitReference ● String scalar

Finding.component ● String scalar

Finding.createdAt ● ISO8601DateTime! non-null scalar

Finding.cves ● [String!] list scalar

Finding.descriptionEn ● String scalar

Finding.evaluationStatus ● String scalar

Finding.flowDeployId ● String scalar

Finding.flowProjectId ● String scalar

Finding.hashIssue ● String scalar ● ID scalar

Finding.integrationName ● String scalar

Finding.originalSeverity ● String scalar

Finding.rawOutputFromScanner ● String scalar

Finding.recommendationsEn ● String scalar

Finding.references ● [String!] list scalar

Finding.scanId ● Int scalar

Finding.scanType ● String scalar

Finding.shortCommitRef ● String scalar

Finding.source ● String scalar

Finding.sourceFile ● String scalar

Finding.tags ● [String!] list scalar

Finding.technicalSeverity ● String scalar

Finding.titleEn ● String scalar

Finding.version ● String scalar

Member Of

FindingCollection object