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type OccurrenceMeta {
currentPage: Int!
limitValue: Int!
totalCount: Int!
totalCritical: Int
totalHigh: Int
totalLow: Int
totalMedium: Int
totalNotifications: Int
totalPages: Int!


OccurrenceMeta.currentPage ● Int! non-null scalar

OccurrenceMeta.limitValue ● Int! non-null scalar

OccurrenceMeta.totalCount ● Int! non-null scalar

OccurrenceMeta.totalCritical ● Int scalar

OccurrenceMeta.totalHigh ● Int scalar

OccurrenceMeta.totalLow ● Int scalar

OccurrenceMeta.totalMedium ● Int scalar

OccurrenceMeta.totalNotifications ● Int scalar

OccurrenceMeta.totalPages ● Int! non-null scalar

Member Of

VulnerabilityCollection object