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type ProjectMeta {
currentPage: Int!
engagementStatuses: [AnalysisStatusType!]
engagementTypes: [ProjectType!]
limitValue: Int!
tags: [String!]
teams: [Team!]
total: Int
totalAnalysis: Int
totalCount: Int!
totalDone: Int
totalEstimate: Int
totalFixing: Int
totalPages: Int!
totalPaused: Int
totalPlanned: Int
totalVulnsCount: Int
totalVulnsCritical: Int
totalVulnsHigh: Int
totalVulnsLow: Int
totalVulnsMedium: Int
totalVulnsNotification: Int


ProjectMeta.currentPage ● Int! non-null scalar

ProjectMeta.engagementStatuses ● [AnalysisStatusType!] list object

ProjectMeta.engagementTypes ● [ProjectType!] list object

ProjectMeta.limitValue ● Int! non-null scalar

ProjectMeta.tags ● [String!] list scalar

ProjectMeta.teams ● [Team!] list object ● Int scalar

ProjectMeta.totalAnalysis ● Int scalar

ProjectMeta.totalCount ● Int! non-null scalar

ProjectMeta.totalDone ● Int scalar

ProjectMeta.totalEstimate ● Int scalar

ProjectMeta.totalFixing ● Int scalar

ProjectMeta.totalPages ● Int! non-null scalar

ProjectMeta.totalPaused ● Int scalar

ProjectMeta.totalPlanned ● Int scalar

ProjectMeta.totalVulnsCount ● Int scalar

ProjectMeta.totalVulnsCritical ● Int scalar

ProjectMeta.totalVulnsHigh ● Int scalar

ProjectMeta.totalVulnsLow ● Int scalar

ProjectMeta.totalVulnsMedium ● Int scalar

ProjectMeta.totalVulnsNotification ● Int scalar

Member Of

ProjectCollection object