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Assets Management


Asset management is a feature that allows managers to manage their assets registered in Conviso Platform, showing a view of the life cycle of each asset, helping the follow-up and monitoring of weaknesses, so that actions are carried out at the right time.

Asset management by Conviso Platform is extremely flexible as there is a friendly interface for consultants and clients to view the information of each registered asset.


The Assets Management allows you to search for and classify:

  • Severity classification by Asset;

  • Vulnerability status by Asset;

  • Assets integration;

  • Asset-reviewed deployments;

  • Environment type per Asset;

  • Architecture type;

  • Technology Type.

To get access to Assets Management, log in to the Conviso Platform;

On the main menu to the left, click on Assets Management:


Registering New Assets

To create a new asset or import multiple assets, click on the New Asset button, then select what option you want to use from the drop-down list:


The Conviso Platform has basically three options for creating assets. If you have any Integration set, you may be able to see more options for creating new Assets:

New Asset: allows the user with the company access type to create a single asset;

Import from Repositories: allows you to directly import your Assets already configured at some system integrated to the Conviso Platform.

Asset Import: for those who have many assets that want to register in Conviso Platform. To help on using this feature, refer to the following guide.