Preparing the environment#

First of all, we need to get the sample repository from Github:

git clone flow-onpremise

Now, we need to get the most current repository version available and create a new .env file from the provided sample:

cd flow-onpremise && git checkout 2.x && cp .env.sample .env

Doing so, we have prepared the AppSec Flow environment to be installed.


Now we have to execute some commands to prepare the environment before installing/upgrading AppSec Flow:

source ./scripts/ && touch key.txt

At this point , you should ask Conviso for a new access token, in order to be able to login at Conviso’s Docker Repository. To do so, you must e-mail and ask for a new AppSec Flow On Premises Access Token. Beware that this token will be available for 12 hours, so use it as soon as possible.

Once you had received it, paste the access token in the file that you just created, key.txt (we use nano just as an example, you can you use the text editor of your choice).

Paste token as file content

vi key.txt
convisoappsec:docker:login key.txt
docker-compose pull

Environment Variables#

When the download is finished, we have to set up some environment variables, in order to make AppSec Flow to run:

KEY="$(docker run bundle exec rake secret)"
echo "APP_SECRET_KEY_BASE=${KEY}" >> .env

Starting AppSec Flow#

Finally, we just need to startup AppSec Flow:

docker-compose up -d

Watch the containers status

watch docker ps

When all statuses are healthy, you can ctrl+C to close.