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Release 3.6

What's New

  • Possibility to include project requirements within the technical report generation;
  • Read-only permission can now be configured to selected users for resources like Vulnerabilities and Projects (This is an experimental feature and right now it is being tested with a small amount of customers only);
  • In order to improve the response time in Security Experts, notifications of total new messages are now being displayed in the lateral menu;
  • API improvement by enabling the filter of vulnerabilities by their original scanner;
  • People & Culture exercises now can be filtered by status, level of difficulty and technology;

Bug Fixes

We take bugs seriously. In order to make Conviso Platform a more reliable product, these are some of the most important bugs that were fixed in this latest release.

  • Fixed synchrony issues with external scanners;
  • Fixed a variery of issues during the generation and presentation of technical reports;
  • Fixed issues within People & Culture;
  • Fixed security issues;

Coming Next

  • Better vulnerability management with Vulnerabilities and Findings in only one view;
  • New Access control management module in order to create profiles based on different set of permissions;
  • Better visibility and management regarding the total amount of lines a customer is using in their actual contract;
  • Add new functionalities to integration scanners in order to recognise SCA vulnerabilities;
  • We are working on separating the frontend from the backend to make our development process easier, bring future performance improvements to the platform as well as the new Conviso visual identity;
  • New IaC scanner integration with support for Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform and more.