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Release 3.7

Release Date: Nov 23rd, 2022

What's New

We are constantly improving our platform to simplify the ecosystem of security tools for developers. This time we have implemented several changes to improve your experience on our platform. Let’s begin by telling you about our chat:

A new Chat Experience

Conviso Platform has updated its messaging experience. Our help desk chat is no longer on our main menu, as it used to be - you can now find it in the bottom right corner, by clicking on the icon that will trigger the chat box. And the experience has changed too! We have listened to your suggestions, and through this new, improved chat, you can now:

  • Report bugs;
  • Suggest improvements;
  • Speak directly to our Support team;
  • Schedule a meeting with the Customer Success team.


A few of our menu options were updated to communicate our strategy more clearly. Each of Conviso Platform's five products plays an indispensable, complementary role in supporting the secure development cycle. So, to improve your experience, we have made our products easier to find within the platform. In this process, we updated the name tags of some of our menu items.

Check it out:

Now you can find Threat Modeling as Secure by Design

The area before known as Threat Modeling is now called Secure by Design - a Conviso Platform product that helps you bring security to the earliest stages of your development cycle.

To access it, go to the main menu on the left.


Secure by Design helps you implement a shift-left approach to the development process through features such as threat modeling, risk definition, requirements, and more. A true ally in optimizing the time and budget of security and development teams.

Now you can find Education as People & Culture


Education is now under the name People & Culture, our product that focuses on AppSec training with secure code challenges - based on your team's main gaps, with gamification to promote engagement for active learning. Our goal is for vulnerability correction to no longer be a challenge - and to become part of your company's culture. Development teams get to learn, in practice, to identify and correct security flaws, and to build secure code from scratch, all while gaining access to a library of constantly updated labs.

To access People & Culture, go to the main menu on the left.

And you can also find Home as Security Feed

Go to the main menu on the left to find it. Security Feed is a choice of wording that matches our strategy, but we are also working on improvements for this area. What would you like to see in our Security Feed? Use the chat to tell us!

Security Experts has some new capabilities as well!

  • We made improvements in notifications and conversations. Users can now focus more and organize their interactions;
  • Link detection in messages;
  • We have also implemented a delete attachment feature.

And last, but not least

  • Fortify integration now supports SCA (Software Composition Analysis) results to be imported;
  • People & Culture metrics cards helpers added so you can understand better what they mean in order to make wise decisions with them;


Bug Fixes

To make Conviso Platform a more reliable product, these are some bugs that we fixed recently :

  • People and Culture fixes related to user access, labs, and metrics;
  • Fixes in report generation;
  • Security Bug Fixes.

Coming Soon

We are working on the user experience and toward better usability of the main domains of Conviso Platform. As you read this document, our Product Development team is working on the following improvements:

  • Profiles for better Access Control capabilities;
  • More complete and powerful dashboards;
  • New UI with better menu navigation;
  • The redesign of a vulnerability management experience;
  • A status update automation for Conviso scans results;
  • Company off-boarding.