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Release 3.9

Release date: February 6th, 2023

What's New

Welcome to our first 2023 product release note! We are constantly implementing changes to optimize user experience on our platform and to integrate it even more with the developer's ecosystem.

Create Profiles and bring more flexibility to user management


With this new feature you can let users do what they are only allowed to do. Bring the whole team to the platform and set up the permissions that make sense for your company. For now there is a global Profile called View-Only and it should be used with users that are not capable of changing anything. Additional global profiles will be introduced in future versions.

In this first release of profiles, you can set permissions for three resources within the platform:

  • User Access: View, Invite Users
  • Vulnerabilities: View, Create, Edit, Delete
  • Projects: View, Create, Edit, Delete

There are more resources to come in the following releases so you can make a more granular configuration of your custom profiles.

Please share your feedback through our chat so we can understand your thoughts about this new feature.

Bug Fixes

To make Conviso Platform a more reliable product, these are some bugs that we fixed recently:

  • Fortify integration fixes;
  • Dependency Track integration fixes;