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Secure by Design Overview


Secure by Design automates the Threat Modeling process, defining security requirements and recommending secure coding practices based on threats identified in architectural items.

Built into Conviso Platform, it provides a unified view of threats and facilitates requirements validation and tracking.

This hands-on implementation of the "Shift-Left" and "Secure Design" approach strengthens application security from the initial design phase.

Application Security Requirements and Threat Modeling (ASRTM)

The Secure by Design product is a solution that emerges from the ASRTM approach. Application Security Requirements and Threat Modeling, automates the creation of security requirements and models for applications.

These tools integrate with SDLC, highlighting risks and recommending secure coding practices. They shift security to early development stages, reducing effort and benefiting stakeholders.

ASRTM aligns security requirements with threat models, improving application security and integrating with risk management systems.

Getting started with Secure by Design

Check out the guides below to perform activities with Secure by Design:

  • Performing Threat Modeling in Secure by Design Threat Modeling is crucial in Secure by Design, providing automation benefits to development. It reduces costs by automating Threat Modeling, streamlining threat identification and assessment. Integration with SDLC seamlessly incorporates security requirements, fostering secure coding practices.

Getting support for the Secure by Design

If you have any questions or need help using our product, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.


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