Security Gate


Imagine that you want to validate your opened vulnerabilities for an specific project and block your CI/CD pipeline depending on pre defined vulnerability policies. The Security Gate feature helps you with that by letting you define policies such as:

  • Vulnerability Quantity by severity (Low, Medium, High, Critical)
  • Vulnerability sources (For example, external integrations such as Checkmarx or Qualys, and also AppSec Flow scanners)

How does it work?#

First, you need to define the policies for the specific project. Let us define for this example that a CI/CD pipeline needs to be blocked when there is more than 5 high severity vulnerabilities. If the policy that was defined is true and the asset in fact has more that 5 high severity vulnerabilities, then the Security Gate feature will break the job execution of the pipeline indicating the cause with the details of why it did not passed through.

Policy File Structure#

For the previous example it can be used the following policy rules:

- from: any
maximum: 0
maximum: 5
maximum: 0
maximum: 0


flow vulnerability assert-security-rules --rules-file rules.yml

Success Response:

Starting vulnerabilities security rules assertion
✅ Vulnerabilities security rules assertion finished

Failed Response:

Starting vulnerabilities security rules assertion
💬 Vulnerabilities summary
"from": "any",
"severity": {
"high": {
"quantity": 7
Error: Vulnerabilities quantity offending security rules