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input AssetsSearch {
name: String
technology: [String!]
tags: [String!]
architectureType: [AssetArch!]
lifeCycle: [AssetLifeCycle!]
dataClassification: [AssetDataClassification!]
integrationTypes: [IntegrationsTypes!]
businessImpact: [BusinessImpactLevel!]
teamIds: [ID!]
createdAt: DateTimeSearch
updatedAt: DateTimeSearch
exploitability: [Exploitability!]
threat: [ThreatLevel!]
sortBy: AssetSortByEnum
order: OrderEnum

Fields ● String scalar ● [String!] list scalar

AssetsSearch.tags ● [String!] list scalar

AssetsSearch.architectureType ● [AssetArch!] list enum

AssetsSearch.lifeCycle ● [AssetLifeCycle!] list enum

AssetsSearch.dataClassification ● [AssetDataClassification!] list enum

AssetsSearch.integrationTypes ● [IntegrationsTypes!] list enum

AssetsSearch.businessImpact ● [BusinessImpactLevel!] list enum

AssetsSearch.teamIds ● [ID!] list scalar

AssetsSearch.createdAt ● DateTimeSearch input

AssetsSearch.updatedAt ● DateTimeSearch input

AssetsSearch.exploitability ● [Exploitability!] list enum

AssetsSearch.threat ● [ThreatLevel!] list enum

AssetsSearch.sortBy ● AssetSortByEnum enum

AssetsSearch.order ● OrderEnum enum

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