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Autogenerated input type of CreateProject

input CreateProjectInput {
clientMutationId: String
assetsIds: [Int!]
companyId: Int!
startDate: ISO8601Date!
connectivity: String
credentialsIds: [Int!]
estimatedHours: String
label: String!
negativeScope: String
goal: String!
playbooksIds: [Int!]!
scope: String!
students: Int
tags: [String!]
teamsIds: [Int!]
typeId: Int!


CreateProjectInput.clientMutationId ● String scalar

A unique identifier for the client performing the mutation.

CreateProjectInput.assetsIds ● [Int!] list scalar

CreateProjectInput.companyId ● Int! non-null scalar

CreateProjectInput.startDate ● ISO8601Date! non-null scalar

CreateProjectInput.connectivity ● String scalar

CreateProjectInput.credentialsIds ● [Int!] list scalar

CreateProjectInput.estimatedHours ● String scalar

CreateProjectInput.label ● String! non-null scalar

CreateProjectInput.negativeScope ● String scalar

CreateProjectInput.goal ● String! non-null scalar

CreateProjectInput.playbooksIds ● [Int!]! non-null scalar

CreateProjectInput.scope ● String! non-null scalar

CreateProjectInput.students ● Int scalar

CreateProjectInput.tags ● [String!] list scalar

CreateProjectInput.teamsIds ● [Int!] list scalar

CreateProjectInput.typeId ● Int! non-null scalar

Member Of

createAnalysis mutation ● createProject mutation