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input ProjectSearch {
continuousDeliveryEq: Boolean
createdAtGteq: ISO8601DateTime
createdAtLteq: ISO8601DateTime
endDateCont: ISO8601DateTime
endDateEq: ISO8601DateTime
endDate: ISO8601DateTime
labelCont: String
labelEq: String
idEq: Int
projectStatusLabelCont: String
projectStatusLabelEq: String
projectTypeLabelCont: String
projectTypeLabelEq: String
apiCodeEq: String
startDate: ISO8601DateTime
startDateEq: ISO8601DateTime
startDateCont: ISO8601DateTime
tagNameEq: String
scopeLabelCont: String
scopeIdEq: ID
search: String
engagementTypes: [Int!]
engagementStatuses: [Int!]
tags: [String!]
teams: [Int!]
continuousDelivery: String
showHidden: Boolean


ProjectSearch.continuousDeliveryEq ● Boolean scalar

Verify if is Continuous Code Review

ProjectSearch.createdAtGteq ● ISO8601DateTime scalar

Search in created_at dates with greater than or equal

ProjectSearch.createdAtLteq ● ISO8601DateTime scalar

Search in created_at dates with less than or equal

ProjectSearch.endDateCont ● ISO8601DateTime scalar

ProjectSearch.endDateEq ● ISO8601DateTime scalar

ProjectSearch.endDate ● ISO8601DateTime scalar

ProjectSearch.labelCont ● String scalar

ProjectSearch.labelEq ● String scalar

ProjectSearch.idEq ● Int scalar

ProjectSearch.projectStatusLabelCont ● String scalar

ProjectSearch.projectStatusLabelEq ● String scalar

Search Status

ProjectSearch.projectTypeLabelCont ● String scalar

ProjectSearch.projectTypeLabelEq ● String scalar

Search Type

ProjectSearch.apiCodeEq ● String scalar

Search by Project Code

ProjectSearch.startDate ● ISO8601DateTime scalar

ProjectSearch.startDateEq ● ISO8601DateTime scalar

ProjectSearch.startDateCont ● ISO8601DateTime scalar

ProjectSearch.tagNameEq ● String scalar

ProjectSearch.scopeLabelCont ● String scalar

ProjectSearch.scopeIdEq ● ID scalar ● String scalar

ProjectSearch.engagementTypes ● [Int!] list scalar

ProjectSearch.engagementStatuses ● [Int!] list scalar

ProjectSearch.tags ● [String!] list scalar

ProjectSearch.teams ● [Int!] list scalar

ProjectSearch.continuousDelivery ● String scalar

ProjectSearch.showHidden ● Boolean scalar

Show hidden projects when is true

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