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Autogenerated input type of UpdateContract

input UpdateContractInput {
clientMutationId: String
id: Int!
companyId: Int
description: String
startedAt: ISO8601Date
finishedAt: ISO8601Date
noEndDate: Boolean
contacts: [ContactTypeInput!]
services: [ServiceTypeInput!]
resourcesCount: Int
attachment: Upload
educationSecret: String
educationId: Int


UpdateContractInput.clientMutationId ● String scalar

A unique identifier for the client performing the mutation. ● Int! non-null scalar

UpdateContractInput.companyId ● Int scalar

Company Id. Set it to indicate the contract owner

UpdateContractInput.description ● String scalar

Contract description. You must describe important points

UpdateContractInput.startedAt ● ISO8601Date scalar

Start date. Set it to indicate the initial date

UpdateContractInput.finishedAt ● ISO8601Date scalar

End date. Set it to indicate the end date

UpdateContractInput.noEndDate ● Boolean scalar

Whether or not the contract has an end date

UpdateContractInput.contacts ● [ContactTypeInput!] list input

List of contacts ● [ServiceTypeInput!] list input

List of services

UpdateContractInput.resourcesCount ● Int scalar

UpdateContractInput.attachment ● Upload scalar

UpdateContractInput.educationSecret ● String scalar

UpdateContractInput.educationId ● Int scalar

Member Of

updateContract mutation