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Autogenerated input type of UpdateDeploy

input UpdateDeployInput {
clientMutationId: String
id: ID!
companyId: Int!
projectId: Int!
previousTag: String
currentTag: String
currentCommit: String!
previousCommit: String!
diffContent: [Upload!]
changedFiles: [String!]
newLines: Int!
removedLines: Int!
changedLines: Int!
languages: String
totalLines: Int!


UpdateDeployInput.clientMutationId ● String scalar

A unique identifier for the client performing the mutation. ● ID! non-null scalar

UpdateDeployInput.companyId ● Int! non-null scalar

UpdateDeployInput.projectId ● Int! non-null scalar

UpdateDeployInput.previousTag ● String scalar

UpdateDeployInput.currentTag ● String scalar

UpdateDeployInput.currentCommit ● String! non-null scalar

UpdateDeployInput.previousCommit ● String! non-null scalar

UpdateDeployInput.diffContent ● [Upload!] list scalar

UpdateDeployInput.changedFiles ● [String!] list scalar

UpdateDeployInput.newLines ● Int! non-null scalar

UpdateDeployInput.removedLines ● Int! non-null scalar

UpdateDeployInput.changedLines ● Int! non-null scalar

UpdateDeployInput.languages ● String scalar

UpdateDeployInput.totalLines ● Int! non-null scalar

Member of

updateDeploy mutation