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Autogenerated input type of UpdateOccurrence

input UpdateOccurrenceInput {
clientMutationId: String
id: ID!
affectedComponentId: Int
projectId: Int
codeReviewCode: String
codeReviewInputData: String
codeReviewOutputData: String
codeReviewVector: String
companyId: Int
companyName: String
criticity: String
deployId: Int
externalVid: String
failureType: String
impact: String
impactResume: String
invaded: Boolean
invadedEnvironmentDescription: String
othersHost: String
othersProtocol: String
othersSteps: String
othersVector: String
probability: String
title: String
vid: String
webMethod: String
webParameters: String
webProtocol: String
webRequest: String
webResponse: String
webSteps: String
webUrl: String
authorId: Int
vulnerabilityTemplateId: Int
vulnerabilityStatus: String
changeStatusAttributes: UpdateOccurrenceStatus


UpdateOccurrenceInput.clientMutationId ● String scalar

A unique identifier for the client performing the mutation. ● ID! non-null scalar

Occurrence ID

UpdateOccurrenceInput.affectedComponentId ● Int scalar

Affected component id

UpdateOccurrenceInput.projectId ● Int scalar

Project id

UpdateOccurrenceInput.codeReviewCode ● String scalar

Code review code

UpdateOccurrenceInput.codeReviewInputData ● String scalar

Code review input data

UpdateOccurrenceInput.codeReviewOutputData ● String scalar

Code review output data

UpdateOccurrenceInput.codeReviewVector ● String scalar

Code review vector

UpdateOccurrenceInput.companyId ● Int scalar

Company id

UpdateOccurrenceInput.companyName ● String scalar

Company name

UpdateOccurrenceInput.criticity ● String scalar


UpdateOccurrenceInput.deployId ● Int scalar

Deploy id

UpdateOccurrenceInput.externalVid ● String scalar

External vid

UpdateOccurrenceInput.failureType ● String scalar

Failure type

UpdateOccurrenceInput.impact ● String scalar


UpdateOccurrenceInput.impactResume ● String scalar

Impact resume

UpdateOccurrenceInput.invaded ● Boolean scalar


UpdateOccurrenceInput.invadedEnvironmentDescription ● String scalar

Invaded environment description

UpdateOccurrenceInput.othersHost ● String scalar

Other host

UpdateOccurrenceInput.othersProtocol ● String scalar

Others protocol

UpdateOccurrenceInput.othersSteps ● String scalar

Others steps

UpdateOccurrenceInput.othersVector ● String scalar

Others vector

UpdateOccurrenceInput.probability ● String scalar


UpdateOccurrenceInput.title ● String scalar


UpdateOccurrenceInput.vid ● String scalar


UpdateOccurrenceInput.webMethod ● String scalar

Web method

UpdateOccurrenceInput.webParameters ● String scalar

Web parameters

UpdateOccurrenceInput.webProtocol ● String scalar

Web protocol

UpdateOccurrenceInput.webRequest ● String scalar

Web request

UpdateOccurrenceInput.webResponse ● String scalar

Web response

UpdateOccurrenceInput.webSteps ● String scalar

Web steps

UpdateOccurrenceInput.webUrl ● String scalar

Web url

UpdateOccurrenceInput.authorId ● Int scalar


UpdateOccurrenceInput.vulnerabilityTemplateId ● Int scalar

Vulnerability template id

UpdateOccurrenceInput.vulnerabilityStatus ● String scalar

Vulnerability status

UpdateOccurrenceInput.changeStatusAttributes ● UpdateOccurrenceStatus input

Change status attributes

Member of

updateOccurrence mutation