Through the Business Intelligence integration, it is possible to optimize time by easily issuing customized reports, in addition to allowing data to be extracted and consumed on BI platforms.


To use this feature, access the menu Integrations and then Business Intelligence at the right panel and click at the Integrate button:


To analyze data on your BI platform, there are 4 types of endpoints that allow the user to generate .JSON file and feed the BI tool:

  • Deploys

  • Projects

  • Assets

  • Users


To create a connector with the BI tool, just copy the Conviso Platform URL (https://app.convisoappsec.com/), the Endpoint, and your x-api-key (you can generate your x-api-key by following the instructions here) and insert the parameters at the BI tool you are using.

PowerBI Setup#

Open PowerBI Desktop. Click on the Get Data button and then on Web menu option:


At the Web floating window, choose the Advanced option:


Fill the form with proper data.

  1. At the URL Parts, paste the URL https://app.convisoappsec.com/api/v2/projects;

  2. At the HTTP Request Header Parameters, choose Accept for the first field and click on Add Header button;

  3. At the new field, type x-api-key and paste your API Key at the blank field to the right.

  4. Click on OK button to save.


After the configuration is stored, we are able to connect Conviso Platform to PowerBI. This allows creating dashboards of projects, where the dashboard model varies according to the user's need.