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Conviso Platform seamlessly integrates with your current tools and workflows, enabling you to effortlessly enhance the security of your applications throughout the entire Secure Software Development Lifecycle (S-SDLC).

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This guide will walk you through various integration options with Conviso Platform:

Note: You can also check the Conviso CLI and Conviso API guides to check integration possibilities. If a tool is not found in our list of integrations, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

Set up Conviso Platform Single Sign-On (SSO)

Set up Single Sign-On (SSO) to allow your developers and teams easy access to Conviso Platform through your current SSO provider. Let's start with the SSO setup process to streamline access on the Conviso platform:

Note: It is possible to configure custom Identity providers that support SAML 2.0 protocol. So, if there is no specific integration for your tool, you can just use the generic SAML 2.0 integration instead.

Conviso Platform CI/CD Integration

Incrementally incorporating CI/CD Integration has become a prevalent practice, enabling you to adopt the integration in stages. By integrating Conviso Platform with your development pipeline, automated analysis can be performed, providing transparency and insights to your teams. We support integrations with the following CI/CD platforms:

Data Analytics Integration

Unlock the full potential of your data by integrating it into our platform! Export information and create customized dashboards to visualize and analyze your application security data dynamically and flexibly.

Defect/Bug Tracking Integration

By integrating the Conviso Platform with your Defect Tracker tool, you can seamlessly manage and track defects within your development workflow. This streamlines the process of identifying and addressing issues, enhancing collaboration and efficiency. Our platform supports the following Defect Tracker integrations:

Communication and Notification

Efficient collaboration and communication are crucial for successful application development. By integrating with Slack, it is possible to send information about vulnerabilities to a specific communication channel:

Software Composition Analysis (SCA) Integration

This integration enables the platform to identify and mitigate risks in your software supply chain effectively. Leveraging the capabilities of a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), our unique approach goes beyond traditional Software Composition Analysis (SCA) solutions, providing enhanced capabilities that drive comprehensive security measures:

Consolidate Vulnerability Management through Integrated Security Scans

Integrate external scanning tools with Conviso Platform to synchronize and consolidate findings in a centralized manner. This integration allows you to effectively manage and address vulnerabilities identified by various scanning tools, providing a comprehensive view of your application security landscape:

Support for Conviso Platform Integrations

If you have any questions or don’t find a specific tool in our list of integrations, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.


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